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Our partnership with PlayVS means there is only one place where varsity high school esports is played — PlayVS.


Complete Esports Solution

Whether you already have a thriving esports club on campus or are just getting started, PlayVS provides a single platform for all schools. Publisher partnerships provide seamless integrations for pain-free matches, robust statistics for scouting, performance-based scheduling for competitive matches, and live match-day support to handle any incidents. All you need are computers, players and a coach. .

A Structured, Coached Experience

Teamwork, communication, practices and skill refinement -- all these benefits of traditional sports apply to esports. PlayVS High School leagues require a coach to provide the structure of a high school sport. PlayVS provides resources, training materials, webinars, workshops and a thriving coach community to take the guesswork out of coaching esports. No previous esports experience is necessary -- if you can teach, you can coach. .

Scholarships for High School Students

In addition to providing rewarding competitive experiences through esports, PlayVS also provides support for higher education. Championship winners as well as All-State and All-Americans all receive scholarship money. .

Available Game Titles

All varsity esports titles are selected based on their competitiveness, teamwork, strategy and of course fun!




How the PlayVS Leagues Work


Watch Past Championships

We’ve crowned 62 Esports State Champions and counting, check out recaps of a few of our esports championships below:


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